Crates on the Vertical

     There's something so appealing about crates on a wall. I think its because of the combination of great junk style along with function! I've been seeing these creative designs on Pinterest and in blogland both, so when I needed a new display piece in my booth I knew it would involve crates! Here's how it began...


    First, I found the middle of the wall and the hubster simply screwed the largest crate (the one on the bottom in the middle) to the closest stud. I didn't lay out the pattern on the floor because I already had somewhat of a plan in my mind, but I do recommend having a design plan ahead of time. Starting with your largest crate, play with your own pattern of crates and drawers!

    This arrangement is made up of seven things - one large fruit crate, two soda pop crates, two desk drawers, an advertising crate and something unexpected - a broken antique child's chair. I've always heard to decorate in odd numbers and it's always worked for me!

crates display
    As I made the arrangement I placed the soda crates opposite each other as I did the two matching drawers, which gave the design a bit a symmetry (another decorating tip that applies to junk too.)

    The little chair seat is my favorite part of the arrangement. I found it at a flea market and immediately thought 'shelf.' Isn't that how we junkers think? It also provides a touch of the unexpected!

    I purchased an antique butter table book just for this wall project. I loved the pages after pages of numbers it provided. I just glued the pages to the backs of some of the crates and added some hole-punched edging, another little finishing touch.

    Old wood crates, and old drawers can be found at flea markets, garage sales, junk sales and sometimes by the trash! I'm always on the hunt for these multi-functional pieces, not only to resell but for my own storage purposes at home.

booth display

    I got to say, this little change-up in my booth has really drawn customers in to the booth itself. They walk in to look at the display and then they start looking at the great junk for sale in the booth. Bonus!

I'll see YOU on the junkin trail!