Pepsi Repurposed

We've just finished what I think is one of my FAVORITE projects to date! The junk hubster and I rescued an ancient Pepsi cooler from an auction in the middle of nowhere and it's a beaut! It had been parked beside on old barn for I don't know how many years.

At some point in its life, it had been painted a blah brown color. I've seen lots of that 50's brown paint before - ugh! But the crazing was amazing (pardon the rhyme)! I knew I had to have it, but would it go sky high when the bidding began?

It didn't! And I felt like I had scored a buy when I won at $70. I could already picture it as a beautiful kitchen island for some lucky customer.

Now I hadn't brought home any other orphaned pop coolers in a very long time so the junk hubster was cool with it. Yay! He was excited to take it on and I just helped. So, yeah, he gets the bragging rights.

      .First, power washing.

Second, more power washing.

Third, pulling out insulation.

Fourth, pull off rusty                                                                casters.

Fifth, add new rusty casters.

Sixth spray paint the inside zinc gray.

Seventh, cut boards to size.

Eighth, fit the top and bottom shelves on.
Ninth, hinge the top.

Tenth, apply Polyacrylic seal.

                                       Whew! And she's done!

I feel so attached I'm thinking of naming her, so if you have any suggestions leave it in the comments! 

See you on the junkin' trail!
Cheryl AND Roger

How I Find Junk at Stuffy Estate Sales

 "Estate Sale" - the very name conjures up mental pictures of stodgy interiors with even stodgier antiques filled inside shiny glass cabinets - not exactly a junker's domain! And, oftentimes the prices are too scary! But, it's hard to resist hunting in a beautiful home like this one. 

The secret is simple but it does take some willpower!

The secret is ... stay away from the main floor! Go immediately to the basement, attic or the garage! You will find great junk there! 

But you must be brave. At some estates, I've found primitive, painted washstands covered in years of dust and major spider webs. Pottery, garden tools, antique salvage all covered in dust! I've found old tackle and toolboxes filled with grimy, rusty tools and things. The sellers will help empty all that stuff just to sell you those coveted wood crates and wire baskets! Score!

Here is one of my recent estate sale finds in the garage of a Branson, Mo. estate. When I found it, the stand was missing some of the cubbies, but we found a few more in the garage and I ended up buying it full price on the first day (prices lower each day the sale is held). You snooze, you lose, right? (You'll see the price at the end of the post!)

Well I made plans to pick it up later and soon I received a call from one of the estate owners. The other missing cubbies had been found inside the house, sure enough holding other small stuff! The owner had taken the time to gather them all up, even taking one from a customer who kept what was inside it. He was so excited, he called me to let me know. I was pumped! This was going to be an awesome storage piece.

The junk hubster helped me haul it home and the whitewashing on the exterior began that afternoon.

Then the thread spool hunt began. Why? The small boxes had no handles! I had little stashes of them everywhere in my house but I needed 33! I had about 25, so I ran to my fav flea market and found the rest.

The hubster cut them in half and helped me add them to the cubbies. They really do finish off the entire piece. Whew! Thirty-three cubbies!

I promised more estate sale shopping TIPS. So besides avoiding those shiny glass cabinets, try exploring the CLOSETS! I'm an avid vintage clothing buyer and seller but I've found wonderful wool blankets, feather pillows and vintage linens in those neglected closets as well and you will too! This Mohair cardigan in the coveted aqua color was a rare find! (My cost at the end of this post!)

Next tip - you'll also find some good junk in those cardboard boxes under the tables so don't be afraid to DIG! Another great place is the YARD. It's where you'll find old gates, wheelbarrows, planters and garden stuff! I love old concrete pieces so I've found old birdbaths with no tag on them, with the water still in them. 

Here's where the next tip comes in - don't be SHY - ask for prices on unmarked things! Usually the sellers are trying to liquidate the entire estate so even if it's not marked it's probably for sale and because it's not marked the price oftentimes is reasonable!

And, of course, as always - the EARLY BIRD gets the worm!

Please comment and add your estate sale tips and finds!!

Values -
Cubby Storage = $40
Aqua Cardigan = $2

See you on the junkin' trail, Cheryl

Winter Decor from Christmas Leftovers

Putting away all that wonderful Christmas decor can be a let-down! 

But when the New Year arrives it's cool to see a cleaner palette, so to speak, in your home. I've already started editing what decor stays in my home and what goes back up in the attic. Maybe you'll get inspired too!

vintage centerpiece
Retro Centerpiece from Christmas to Winter

Here is our table centerpiece right now. (I had all kinds of Christmas fu-fu here but I love this look just as much!)

A vintage 60's genie bottle is filled with pretty white branches with glass buds.

vintage trees

I've added a vintage, teal-colored glass tree dish, and one of our upcycled candle holders made from a funnel and a jello mold. 

All sitting on a vintage tea towel and drink tray.
(All thrift store finds!)

funnel tree
I love playing, I mean working, with old funnels. I got inspired by all the funnel trees on pinterest and gave it a go!

I had a bedspring to set them on and then an old metal star for the top.

The secret is - I never glued a thing! Gravity is holding it all into place. (I have a thing about not being able to use my funnels for other projects, you see.)

It was cute for Christmas decorating and it will be just as cute for winter decor!

                       Next up is the coffee table.

                                                                       I just hit Michaels' after Christmas sale and found this blingy, aqua floral and wrapped it around my antique light fixture, which I've turned upside down to hold a candle!                                                                                                                              
                                                                    Our Kitty - Harri - approves!

  Enjoy your own
 Winter decorating 
and Happy 2016!

See you on the Junkin' trail,