Pepsi Repurposed

We've just finished what I think is one of my FAVORITE projects to date! The junk hubster and I rescued an ancient Pepsi cooler from an auction in the middle of nowhere and it's a beaut! It had been parked beside on old barn for I don't know how many years.

At some point in its life, it had been painted a blah brown color. I've seen lots of that 50's brown paint before - ugh! But the crazing was amazing (pardon the rhyme)! I knew I had to have it, but would it go sky high when the bidding began?

It didn't! And I felt like I had scored a buy when I won at $70. I could already picture it as a beautiful kitchen island for some lucky customer.

Now I hadn't brought home any other orphaned pop coolers in a very long time so the junk hubster was cool with it. Yay! He was excited to take it on and I just helped. So, yeah, he gets the bragging rights.

      .First, power washing.

Second, more power washing.

Third, pulling out insulation.

Fourth, pull off rusty                                                                casters.

Fifth, add new rusty casters.

Sixth spray paint the inside zinc gray.

Seventh, cut boards to size.

Eighth, fit the top and bottom shelves on.
Ninth, hinge the top.

Tenth, apply Polyacrylic seal.

                                       Whew! And she's done!

I feel so attached I'm thinking of naming her, so if you have any suggestions leave it in the comments! 

See you on the junkin' trail!
Cheryl AND Roger