Winter Decor from Christmas Leftovers

Putting away all that wonderful Christmas decor can be a let-down! 

But when the New Year arrives it's cool to see a cleaner palette, so to speak, in your home. I've already started editing what decor stays in my home and what goes back up in the attic. Maybe you'll get inspired too!

vintage centerpiece
Retro Centerpiece from Christmas to Winter

Here is our table centerpiece right now. (I had all kinds of Christmas fu-fu here but I love this look just as much!)

A vintage 60's genie bottle is filled with pretty white branches with glass buds.

vintage trees

I've added a vintage, teal-colored glass tree dish, and one of our upcycled candle holders made from a funnel and a jello mold. 

All sitting on a vintage tea towel and drink tray.
(All thrift store finds!)

funnel tree
I love playing, I mean working, with old funnels. I got inspired by all the funnel trees on pinterest and gave it a go!

I had a bedspring to set them on and then an old metal star for the top.

The secret is - I never glued a thing! Gravity is holding it all into place. (I have a thing about not being able to use my funnels for other projects, you see.)

It was cute for Christmas decorating and it will be just as cute for winter decor!

                       Next up is the coffee table.

                                                                       I just hit Michaels' after Christmas sale and found this blingy, aqua floral and wrapped it around my antique light fixture, which I've turned upside down to hold a candle!                                                                                                                              
                                                                    Our Kitty - Harri - approves!

  Enjoy your own
 Winter decorating 
and Happy 2016!

See you on the Junkin' trail,

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