A Favorite Find from Hallmark

In my world of treasure hunting, sometimes I come across a one-of-a-kind item that makes me stop dead in my tracks, take a double or triple look, and then make use of my best negotiating skills. Such is what happened the day I found this -

hallmark card album
A 1940s Hallmark Dolls Collector Album complete with all 16 doll cards.

(I did some fast talkin' and bought the album quickly at $25, ten dollars off the sticker price.)

I had never seen anything like it. Pages and pages of the sweetest, lithographed cards featuring all the famous fictional characters. They were free-standing cards with a complete history of the character on the back.
hallmark vintage cards

They all had colored feathers in their hats and a tiny sequins near their collars.

They were all inserted into their corresponding slots as in this picture. I don't know how long it took this certain little girl to fill her Hallmark album!

What a lucky little girl!

Little Red Riding Hood was one of my favorite characters as a child.
Isn't she adorable?

I had a lot of fun playing with this album before I listed it on eBay.

This close-up shows her little sequin collar.

This wonderful find sold to a lady in Hawaii.She sent me a sweet message of thanks!

See YOU on the junkin' trail!

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