The Iconic Christmas Tree

One of my favorite decor inspirations at Christmas time is the Christmas tree, especially LIVE pine needle trees. I love that there are so many varieties! But the lovely pine aroma I adore does not jive with the junk hubster's nasal passages, so I've made do with artificial trees through the years. (sigh)

christmas tree

Here is our tree from last year.

I had wanted a white tree for a long time and I came across this one at a thrift store. It was c-h-e-a-p but it didn't have a stand so we slipped it inside a large crock we had and covered that with a funky vintage tree skirt. 

I've filled it with family ornaments and lots of pretty vintage ornies.

This year I plan to add more aqua ornaments. I've found a few but that precious color is VERY hard to find in ornaments (which makes the finding that much sweeter!) I did find some striped ones and a couple indented ones but I'd love to find a vintage aqua bead garland!

Do YOU collect any vintage Christmas?

The hubster's allergies may be what started my "hobby" of collecting vintage table-top trees. If I can't have the REAL thing I'll have a bunch of smaller not-real things. (I like making up words, don't you?) This "hobby" has become one of my fav obsessions, I mean, collections. Table-top trees were very popular back in the day so you can still find them if you watch for them!

table christmas tree

This collection was acquired over about 7 years and, yes, I have a few more than these. The white light-up one on the left is my latest find. Someone made it, probably in a ceramics class in the 70's, but this one's special. It has a music box inside! And so does the green brush tree just to the right of it! And, it spins while the music plays.

Aren't they sweet? Which one would you buy if you found it?

vintage elf

I hope you're enjoying your decorating 
and shopping. 
I don't usually decorate until after 
Thanksgiving partly because I feel like
 it's official then somehow...

My little elf says - 
Be blessed ... and of good cheer this season!

See you on the JUNKIN' trail!

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