Junktastic Finds

    Have you ever come across something SO junktastic that you went weak in the knees or felt your heart skip a beat? It's that rare occurrence that we junkers live for and it's an itch that only occasionally gets scratched. But I'm not talking about auctions or even antique shops where you pay top dollar. I'm talking garage sales and thrift stores or flea markets where you score this junktastic piece for a buck or two.

junk haul
One of my infamous junk hauls, all found within one week
    Do you see that cute little rusty doll stroller in the front of the pic? My heart skipped when I found it all by itself at a garage sale. It was tagged $15 so tightwad me was going to pass on it, but after I bought a couple of smalls and started walking past it to my car, it called my name - "Cheryl!" and said "buy me!"
I thought, "What a good idea," so I did, and we settled at $13.

Another great weekend of junkin! Can you guess which item I kept for myself?

    The doll stroller eventually went into my booth and sold for $39, though I could've probably priced her higher. In this second junk haul I actually kept about five of those items. Sometimes I find it very hard to part with some of my finds, like that sweet industrial cart which still pulls duty in our junkshop. I also put the antique sewing drawer to work in my bathroom storing my hair curlers.

But it's this little piece that made me go weak in the knees -

tramp art

    Do you know what it is? Would you grab it as fast as I did if you saw it at a garage sale among a pile of other dusties?? (This photo shows how it looked when I found it, all dirty and dusty.)
This is called tramp art and would have been created near the turn of the last century, on the cheap, out of a cigar box. I don't know the exact process but it is hand carved. And, these folk art pieces are very hard to find on the junkin trail! This example is a small square size, making it even more unique, and besides all that dust, it's in minty condition!
(Paid: $2. Value: $40-$50)

What makes YOUR heart go pitter-patter? I would love to know!

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