Define It

Me:  Okay, Versed in Vintage, define 'vintage.'
Me:  Seriously, on my very first blog post?
Me:  Yes, if you're so 'versed!'
Me:  That's just a name! (sigh)

And so go the conversations in my head. I might as well join the blogging world right? (And, yes I know I'm only a decade late.)

I would venture to say that the question of what is 'vintage' in the collecting/junking world is second only to the 'to paint or not to paint' question for a piece of vintage furniture. (Talk about starting a conversation/argument!)

what is vintage

The word vintage actually comes from the world of wine. Wines are aged and given descriptions such as 'vintage 1918.' But at some point, if my amazing memory serves me right (sarcasm intended), the word migrated into the world of antiques and collectibles about the time we junkers and re-purpose-ers showed up in the 1990's. Since we weren't exactly working with antique pieces, nor new, we just started calling them 'vintage' and it kind of stuck. Really stuck! Everyone just nodded their heads and were like, "Yeah, I'll buy it."

So in the spirit of not taking ourselves too seriously, I humbly offer up my expert (cough, cough) definition ...

vintage (vin' tege, adj., now inaccurately used as a noun) 1. an item that's not new  2. an item that's not necessarily old (i.e. vintage style)  3. an overused and abused description that could be applied to anything 1970's and older but is seen on 1990's stuff instead  4.  or as one ebay contributor dryly puts it, "used"


Definitions aside, and whatever vintage is, I know I LIKE it! Don't you? See you at the flea markets! Oh, and the thrift stores, um, and those yard sales, yeah, and the junkyard too!


  1. Love your Facebook page!! Now I get to see your blog!!

    1. Thanks so much Cheryl! I appreciate any and ALL feedback! Great name by the way. Keep on junkin, Cheryl

  2. Great first post and versed you are : )